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Exco Engineering is a world leading builder of large high-pressure die casting dies, and is a major tooling supplier for GM, Ford, and Chrysler LLC in North America and Daimler AG in Europe. Exco has over 50 years of experience in the design of large dies such as; engine block, transmission case and instrument panel dies. Through experience and extensive research of the high-pressure die casting process, Exco Engineering provides the die caster with not only the tool itself, but also with an optimal solution for the whole die casting system according to the customer's own foundry environment. Exco uses state-of-the-art simulation software and technologies such as Flow-3D, MagmaSoft, I-deas FEA simulation, Infrared Thermography Inspection & D_TeC in its research, design and analysis activities.








A wide array of machining centers, large boring mills and CMM equipment provide Exco with the speed, capacity and depth to handle multiple projects of any size simultaneously. In addition, the in-house 3500-ton die casting machine is used for sampling and process development services, from which the customer benefits through improved uptime, set-up time, reduced scrap rates, and cycle time optimization.