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Exco Engineering is a world leader in the design, build and development of large high pressure die cast tooling, serving our powertrain, body and structural component customers globally.

About Exco Engineering

Located 30 minutes from Toronto, Canada, Exco Engineering is part of publicly traded Exco Technologies (TSX:XTC). Exco Technologies was established in 1954 and opened the Exco Engineering business in 1974.

Exco Engineering operates out of a 130,000 ft2 facility equipped with modern machine tools and leading operational processes. We have designed, built and developed tooling for virtually every large die cast automotive component program there is, including engine blocks (I4, V6, V8), transmission cases (FWD/ RWD/ CVT), transfer cases, oil pans, wheels, instrument panels, engine cradles and body panels.

Our on-site foundry includes a state-of-the-art 4000 ton high pressure die cast machine with Fanuc robotics and three furnaces to enable delivery of traditional and low-iron aluminium alloys as well as magnesium.

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  • 1314 Ringwell Drive
  • Newmarket, Ontario
  • Canada
  • L3Y 9C6

Tel: (905) 853-8568

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