Exco Additive

We are the global leaders in the additive manufacturing of tool steel for die casting applications.

  • Four large-scale additive machines dedicated to tool steel.
  • Maximum build volumes of 16”x16”x16” (400mm3).
  • Thousands of inserts in production globally. In many cases our additive inserts provide longer life than conventionally formed tools.
  • Thermal simulation to drive design of optimal cooling channels.
  • In-house heat treatment facilities.


Exco Additive has been delivering high quality, tool steel components for its die casting customers since 2015. What started off as testing to determine the feasibility of AM in industry has quickly accelerated into the acquisition of large-scale, high-end AM machines capable of delivering parts over 100kg in weight.

With an eye on the future, Exco Additive will continue to expand its offerings in terms of materials, printing technologies, and new approaches to delivering competitive, quality parts to the AM industry.


  • 1314 Ringwell Drive
  • Newmarket, Ontario
  • Canada
  • L3Y 9C6

Tel: (905) 853-8568